How To Tell Your Guy Exactly What You Want In Bed

What I really want in bed is…?

Can’t continue elaborating your answer to your partner? Not sure how you’ll bring this up? Worried that he might get offended?

You are not alone. It is not easy to tell what you want in the bedroom.

However, it doesn’t have to be embarrassing or uncomfortable. Instead, it is a great chance for you to build trust and intimacy, whether you’d like to try something new or just looking for more sweet moments.

Without further ado, here’s how to tell your man exactly what you want in bed so you can both achieve sexual satisfaction:

  1. Timing is everything.

When is the best time to ask?  Do it while he is still listening. So, foreplay is the right time for this. It does not necessarily mean doing it before you do the deeds. You can also bring this up when you are kissing, over a candlelight dinner, etc.

  1. Do not fake orgasms.

When you keep on faking it, your partner will never realize that he is actually doing things wrong. Just enjoy the moment and keep it real.

  1. Take advantage of your hands.

It’s hard to explain to your man what you want, particularly when you’re used to discussing sex through SMS. If you can’t find the right words to say, why not utilize your body?  Say for instance, don’t just let him rub your clit too hard. You can grab his hands sensually and guide him how to move it slowly. He’ll surely get the hint in no time.

  1. Play your ‘wants’ as a game.

Don’t have enough courage to ask your partner to do something risqué or different? Making it a multiple-choice game can do the trick. You can give your man three choices you may try in the bedroom tonight – maybe you’ll use a new sex toy, you’ll give him a sexy lap dance, or you could try another unique position. After this, he will choose the one he craves as well.

Then, if everything’s settled, you will tell him that it is his turn to give a multiple-choice game. This can be a good game to open a low-pressure and playful conversation.

  1. Don’t beat around the bushes. Tell him straight about what you really want to happen.

When you tell a man that you like something, chances are, he will always do it. Simply put, there’s no point of beating around the bush. Frankly tell him what turns you on during your sexy time. Do not be afraid and shy about it.

Always find a time to discuss every positive thing in his performance. You may just say “I really love that we did it slowly last time.” Generally, men want their partner to enjoy. Through elaborating what you like, you actually give him a hint.

Men aren’t mind-readers. They don’t have any power to know what’s on your mind. It’s not enough that you’ll secretly wish for more while in bed. You need to at least show and tell what you want with him in bed through these above-mentioned tips.a