Multi-National Work-Family Research Project
(Project 3535)

The guiding principles for Project 3535 were: Use of best practices for conducting cross-cultural research (Gelfand, Raver, & Erhart, 2002)
Principles that embodied our value system
• Collaborative, egalitarian, supportive
• Consultative & consensus-oriented decision making
(Aycan, 2005)

Multicultural and multidisciplinary team of endogenous researchers to assure deep understanding of issues and how they apply in different cultural contexts (Ayman,
1994; Gelfand et al., 2002)

Comprehensive, theoretically-based strategy to variable inclusion
• Both antecedents & outcomes of W-F interface
• Important cultural moderating variables
• Positive spillover, personal coping initiatives & organizational W-F policies (Frone, 2002)

Cultures selected based on theoretically important dimensions (Gelfand et al., 2002)