Multi-National Work-Family Research Project
(Project 3535)

Dr. Roya Ayman

E-mail: [email protected]

Roya Ayman is a professor and the director of the Industrial and Organizational Psychology program of the Institute of Psychology, and a faculty fellow of the Leadership Academy at Illinois Institute of Technology.  A graduate of University of Utah in Cross-Cultural Social Organizational Psychology, she is the author of numerous articles and chapters on leadership, culture and diversity in the workplace, the role social support on work family conflict.  She has published in journals such as Journal of Applied Psychology, Applied Psychology: An International Review, and Group & Organizational Management: An International Journal, Journal of Social Psychological Bulletin, Group Dynamics, Small Group Research.  Among her research contributions, Dr. Ayman was the co-editor of a book titled Leadership Theory and Research:  Perspectives and Directions.  She is a reviewer for many professional conferences and peer reviewed journals and has served on editorial boards of several peer reviewed journals. She also served two terms on the executive committee of the Organizational Psychology division of International Association of Applied Psychology.  Recently, she became a member of an international team which is studying work-family conflict in nine countries. 

As an active practitioner, she has provided assessments on organizational climate, effectiveness, and diversity; in addition, has designed and conducted diversity  training and Leadership development programs for many private and public sectors multinational, international, and national organizations, a as well as local non-profit companies.  She also served for two terms on the education and training-working group of Governors commission of status of Women in Illinois. Among her clients have been National Fire Academy, Lucent Technology, Arthur Andersen, Accenture, GE, Walgreen, International Orientation Resources, and Ameritech/AT&T, Hewitt, Dupont Latin America.  Recently she provided training for managers from China's Wuhan and Inner Mongolia provinces on the topic of leadership in U.S. organizations. 

On a personal note:  She was born in Scotland U.K. to Persian parents and was brought up in Iran.  She completed her higher education the U.S.  She has lived and worked in many countries: in Asia,  Europe, as well as North and Central America.  She lived in Monterrey, Mexico for 10 months where she taught at Regiomantana Universidat and did research with Mexican Managers through surveys and interviews in 1981 and 1984.

 Selected Publications and Presentations:

Antani, A. & Ayman, R. (April, 2003).  Gender, Social Support and the Experience of Work-Family Conflict. Paper presented at European Academy of Management, Milan, Italy.

Ayman, R. (2005, July,).  Expatriate manager adjustment and work family interface: Family location, country, expatriate's gender matters, Barcelona, Spain.

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Ayman, R.; Korabik, K.; & Lero, D. (April-2004). Advancing knowledge on work-family interface through a cross-cultural approach: A multi-country project.  Paper presented in Symposium chaired by Zeynep Aycan at  SIOP  annual meetings, Chicago.

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Velgach, S., Ishaya, N.,&  Ayman, R. (April, 2005). Multi-Method Approach to Investigate Work-Family Conflict.  Poster session presented at the annual meeting of SIOP, Los Angeles, California.