Multi-National Work-Family Research Project
(Project 3535)

Dr. Steven Poelmans


Steven A.Y. Poelmans (a Belgian living in Barcelona, Spain) has a Master in Organizational Psychology (University of Louvain, Belgium), a Master in Marketing Management (Vlerick Management School, Belgium), and Ph.D. in Management / Organizational Behavior (IESE Business School / University of Navarra). His research focuses on work-family conflict, managerial stress, and family-friendly human resource policies.

He is currently Academic Director of the International Center of Work and Family and Assistant Professor in the Managing People in Organizations Department of the IESE Business School. He teaches organizational behavior, career management, managerial communication, and self-management to MBA-students and executives. Both in his research, teaching and consulting practice he has developed a cross-cultural approach, doing collaborative international research on managerial stress (CISMS) and work-family conflict (Project 3535), teaching executives in European multinationals in English, Spanish, and Dutch, and doing consulting in Europe, Central-America and Africa.

Selected Publications:

Poelmans S.A.Y. (Ed.) (2005). Work and Family: An International Research Perspective. Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Poelmans, S.A.Y. (2005). The decision process theory of work and family. In: Ellen Ernst Kossek and Susan Lambert (Eds.), Managing Work-Life Integration in Organizations: Future Directions for Research and Practice. Mahwah NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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