Multi-National Work-Family Research Project
(Project 3535)

Artiawati Mawardi

E-mail: [email protected]

Artiawati Mawardi is a lecturer at Faculty of Psychology, University of Surabaya (Ubaya). She  joined Ubaya in 1993, soon after her graduation from the Faculty of Psychology, Padjadjaran State University in Bandung, Indonesia. She was previously assigned as the Director of Consultation and Psychology Services Center of Ubaya (1994-1996), and presently is undertaking position as the Head of Industrial and Organizational Psychology Department (2004-currently). She holds master degree in Applied Psychology (Occupational Psychology specialisation) from Murdoch University, Western Australia. Her research interests encompass areas of human resource management and organisational behaviour, more specifically related to gender and work, and occupational health and safety. She has supervised about 100 and examined more than 100 bachelor thesis related to her area of interests. She has published her own research in Anima Indonesian Journal of Psychology and presented her research in International Conferences. The role of leadership and safety climate in predicting involvement as a safety change agent, Personality Profiles of officers at Women Prison, Workplace Counselling in Indonesia, Work-Family Conflict in Indonesia, are some of her research. She is a mother of three children and currently living in Surabaya, Indonesia.