Multi-National Work-Family Research Project
(Project 3535)

Dr. Anne Bardoel

E-mail: [email protected]

Anne Bardoel is an Associate Professor in Management at Monash University, Australia. She has an MBA from the University of Melbourne and PhD from Monash University. Anne currently heads the Work Life Research Program which is part of the Australian Centre for Research in Employment and Work (ACREW). She has previously held the positions of Deputy Head of the Department of Management, Chair of the Diversity and Equity Committee for the Faculty of Business and Economics, and has been a member of the Faculty of Business and Economics Executive. Dr Bardoel has developed a national and international reputation as a researcher in the work and family area and has published a number of articles in academic journals in this area. The Sloan Work and Family Research Network (based at Boston College) have recognised her on their list of Work Family Leaders who have made contributions to work/family research.

Dr Bardoel contributes to national and international debate in the work/life field. She has recently been appointed by the Victorian Government to the Working Families Council which is a ten member advisory group representing a broad range of unions, employer groups and academics. The Council works with industry and community groups to champion the issues of working families and help employers with strategies to improve work and family balance. She is also President of the Work/Life Association (Victoria), and in this role has actively promoted discussion among business leaders and policy makers about work/life issues. Her achievements include preparing a formal submission on Paid Maternity Leave to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, chairing meetings with OECD representatives to discuss Australia's approach to family friendly policies, and organising five national conferences on work/life issues.

Her international contributions include serving as a reviewer for highly regarded journals and conferences including Industrial Relations, Community, Work and Family and the Academy of Management. She has reviewed applications on work/family issues for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada. She is also an invited member of the panel of judges for the prestigious Annual Kanter Award for Excellence in Research on Work and Family, Center for Families, Purdue University. Her current research interests are concerned with identifying Key Performance Indicators of work/life best practice for Australian companies; a series of case studies of global work/life management strategies in multinational corporations; and a qualitative study exploring the changing relationship between care work and paid work in Australian families focusing on two occupations; nursing and construction.

Recent Publications

Book Chapters

*Bardoel, E.A. & De Cieri, H. (accepted, January 2007, in press). Policy Deployment Across Borders: A Framework for Work/Life Initiatives in Multinational Enterprises in S. Poelmans & P. Caligiuri (eds.), Harmonizing Work, Family, and Personal Life in Organizations: From Policy to Practice, Cambridge University Press.

*Bardoel, E.A. (2006). ‘Work-life and HRD' in P. Holland, & H. De Cieri (eds.), Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Development: An Australian Perspective, Pearson Education: Sydney, 237-259.

Refereed Journal Articles

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