Body Language Signals That Tell If She is Attracted To You

Body language is a fascinating nature of the human being. Definitely, it’s an interesting topic especially since most of what we convey is through our body language and that’s kind of what we pay attention to when someone is talking to us. If you get really good at it, you can be able to figure out the true meaning of what someone is saying to you.

Today, we’re going to talk about courtship signals and these are time-tested rituals that have gone back thousands of years even in today’s 21st century. Otherwise, there are still these primal cues underlying what’s going in the courtship and dating body language world.

So, if you ask the opinion of people regarding who make the first move, they’re going to tell you the men do 90 percent of the time. But that’s not always the case. What women do is they send out subtle clues whether when they’re interested in a man. Most of the time, a woman doesn’t even realize what she’s doing. It’s almost an innate sort of primitive thing that goes on between a man and a woman. So what are these body language signals?

Signal #1 – She tries to make eye contact.

Let’s say you’re in a social situation, a bar, at the beach or wherever you are and you see a person of interest that you find attractive, perhaps would like to date, the first thing a woman does is she tries to make eye contact. She sends a subtle look over to the man and it may take her three tries before he figures out what’s going on because they’re just not as in tuned to these clues. She’ll try to hold her gaze for five seconds and she’ll look away.

Signal #2 – She gives off a small smile.

The man could do this as well after they make eye contact. But if he hasn’t, the woman will give a short smile. It’s very quick and fleeting but it’s the green light that she’s interested and he can approach her. Man needs to come over now, break the ice and begin talking to her.

Signal #3 – She touches him.

The next thing the woman will try to do in the casual conversation as it goes on is to try to touch the man. While she’s talking to him, if she’s interested in him, she’ll touch him, touch his hand or his arm and that is a clue that she’s interested. He can continue with his courtship rituals realizing that she’s comfortable with the level of intimacy that’s going on the conversation.

Signal #4 – She flicks her hair.

Flicking, touching or turning her hair, that is all an indication that she’s interested in the man that she’s around. Even if she sends a glance a few times, she may then start playing with her hair.

Signal #5 – She bites or licks her lips

Men find that very captivating. It’s something that attracts their attention and women subconsciously do that.

So next time you’re with someone anywhere that you like, pay attention to these signals and you will become more available and you’ll see that people will return your interest.